Sendatsugawa no yu [Akita] Sengatsugawa Onsen

Obanai, Tazawa Lake, Senhoku-shi, Akita
Along the Sendatsu River

So hard to find this onsen...I tried to write this story like a diary, which might be a bit different from my usual blogs.
I am happy if you read this too!

One day

I was reading a book for secret onsen.

My eyes were gluedon the picture of Sendatsu River onsen.

What is this wild onsen like white marsh!! I wanna be  eaten by this marsh!!!!!

Right after that, I called forest authority at Akita.
 “We do not know that. Never heard of it”  This will be really secret onsen that even forest authorty does not know

As I was researching, I found that there will be another secret onsen called Ippon-matsu-takkonoyu nearby.
Great! I can enjoy two secret onsens!
I should go right now!!
Now autum, very dangerous bear season in Akita 
Bears needs to store foods before they sleep in winter…
Yes, very dangerous season with hungry bears attacking to human.


But I have to go to secret onsen, and prepared a lot of tools for bears.


But I have to go to secret onsen, and prepared a lot of tools for bears.

1 Ring (for bears not to approach us)2 Spray (to beat bears with spicy smell sprashing over 9 meter ahead)

3 Axe (to fight with bears) (of course permitted under laws)


My friend said “I understand 1 and 2, but are you really sure if you can fight with bears? It seems you will be, but are you sure to fight with bears with axes?? Seriously?? Its so funny”
Yes, I am serious…
In addition to such bears tools, spray for hoursefly is mandatory during winter season.
This is really bad smell!! Smells mind, but cannot remove such smell with my clothes. Also, such smells make me sneezing a lot, However, this spray is necessary coz t is very painful if we are biten by hoursefly…
We also need normal spray for insects and suncream. Very bad mixed smell with different spray…which makes me very bad smell girl…. 

Prepared long one piece skirt so that we can change the clothes at the wild onsen.
I called one of my friends whom I often go to wild onsen together.
She said “No!!! I do wanna go to secret onsen anymore!!!” but finally accepted.
I like her so much!!

Finally let`s start!! Designate Kuro-yu Onsen, in the navigator. Ten we go into the mountain




First of all, we are suprised  by a lot of signboard stating “Bears warning”.. We cannot go back, let`s go into the mountain!


 We were looking for that wild onsen based on the information from someone`s website, but as the times goes by, we could not find the same place as that photo in the website…
We had the information that it is located along Sendatsu river!
We found small river there and concluded that this is Sendatsu river, and then walked along the river for 30 minutes… Going upside down, we could not find that wild onsen and no sign of steem….


Note here? We went back to the starting point, and asked local people.


“Execuse me, but do you know where Sendatsugawa-no-yu is?”

“What? Sendatsugawa-no-yu? We have never heard of it. Do you mean Takko-no-yu?”


“Well, I plan to go to Takko-no-yu too, but wanted to go to Sendatsugawa-no-yu too”


“Are you sure? Very dangerous seaon here. We will meat bears during this season. Some visitors told us that they bumpted into bears before.”

 IT was true….. Sendatsugawa-no-yu is the very secret onsen that local people and forest authority does not know.. We should go!! But there is no trail…..OK, let`s go to Takko-no-yu first before it gets dark.Takko-no-yu is very famous, and shown in the map we got from local people.We can go there easily!! Let`s get completed quickly!!


But,,,,, it is not easy…


The map says it takes 30 minutes by walk, but it was very scary to walk through the wild road without confidence, and we only hear my ring ringing and see only trees ahead…


Then, we stopped.


Found brown big one over 8 meter ahead at the road…


“What??? Is it……..bear……………….????”


We caught our breath… We aproached it slowly as we could not see it well. My frind pushed me first… She must run away when bears attacked me…..


Aproaching slowly and slowly……


Confirmed that is a big stone….We felt relieved, but the road was getting narow and into the dark mountain.

We found small bridge with no stale at ony 60 cm wide across the small river

 We should cross this….My friend looked angry with me…. Understood….


But, we cannot come back!! We crossed this bridge.

 We should cross this….My friend looked angry with me…. Understood….

But, we cannot come back!! We crossed this bridge.
There is very narrow wild road to the montain after we crossed the bridge.
“Seriouslyyyy? This road is like wild road for animals? We cannot run away if we meet bears here.  We would never survice unless you beat bears with axes!!!”
“No roblem! I can do it! Trust me!”
Without any proof…..


We have no choice but to go forward!!


Axe with my right hand, spray with my left hand, we moved forward toward wild road…Found many poops and footprints there.
We would never notice bears aproaching as we could not view from here. Needless to say, bears will know this place better than we.
We felt so scary.  We should ask bears not to come here…


I start signing,


“One day~~~~~~! In the forest~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We ~~~~~~~~~met ~~~~~~~~~bears~~~~~~~~”

My friend says “We do not wanna meet bears!!!!”


Then, start signing together,


“In the flowerful wild road in the forest~~~~~~~~ We~~~~~~~~~~~~~met~~~~~~~bears!!!!!”


I love her so much!!!


We were signing this song loudly together lol

During singing time, we noticed we could not find the marked stone in the map…
We only found steep and narrow wild road to climb up on the left….We had a meeting here.

“Are u sure we should climb up here?”
“…… The map says turn right, but this road is to the left…”
“We may make a wrong way.”
“It is getting dark. We need to come back this road even if we can find the onsen. The risk to meet bears is getting higher now”
“OK, we should give up. Let`s go back. Trying to find Sengatsugawa-no-yu way back”



We finally gave up Takko-no-yu. 


I felt easier when we come back with a sort of regret.  I really need to find Sengatsugawa-no-yu!! I cannot come back to Tokyo without finding any of wild onsens….



We realized there is a big river on the left side.
Maybe, this is Sendatsugawa-no-yu. If so, the wild onsen will be along this river.
However, it is very difficult to see the river beause there are a lot of grasses and trees between the river and road.
We have to do down to the river with steep cliff around 4 meter distance.


While we almost gave up, we found the footprint that indicates someone or animals went down to the river from there.



As a mark, we found the steem coming out over the river.



“I will go down from here”



I started going down to the cliff, with the motivation to go to wild onsen.


This is very slippy and steep, and I fallen down to the river…. Then…….

“Here we are!!!!!”


 In front of me, there is secret view like a heaven. A big Sendatsugawa-no-yu is floating here, and there are big gray puddles between the river and grasses.


Steem is coming up from here, and found onsen coming out from the puddles.


“OMG I wanna cry….”


My friend and I will never forget this moment as we had very had time to find this….



OK, let`s eat this onsen!!!!


To secret wild onsen, Sendatsugawa-no-yu, with naked. No one will see me here.


“Let`s eat!!!”


It was too hot, so we created my own bath with appropriate place. Surrounded by great nature and with beautiful sky. Is this heaven?


There are a lot of soft and silky mud a the bottom. We put that on my body. This must be good for my skin lol



“I was so scary during this trip, but great experiance to find secret onsen like this”


I really appreciate her, coz she was terrified by bears….


Thank you, my friend!! 




That is why I am onsen hunter.

Well, what should be the next?



One of the most beautiful wild onsen I ever had
Secrecy, great water and mud
I wanna cherish this wild onsen, which is very difficult to find.