Shiri Yaki Onsen [Gunma]

Shiri Yaki Onsen, Iriyama, Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma
Tel: 0279-64-2321 (Shima Onsen Association)
Entrance Fee: Free
Business Hour: 24 hours
Parking: Yes (Free)

Trip to Secret Onsen
We visited Shiri Yaki Onsen at Gunma as we heard it`s awesome

Shiri Yaki Onsen, Iriyama, Nakanojo-machi, Azuma-gun, Gunma



We drove there, stopping by Kamisato Service Station

I was so excited with my friend about this real girl’s trip so that I could not sleep at all in the car…

We decided to go to Shiri-Yaki Onsen, because, when we visited Kusatsu Onsen, the unknown old guy who lives in Kusatsu, told us that we should definitely go to Shiri-Yaki Onsen.

Surprisingly, Shiri Yaki Onsen is surrounded by the nature, around the river, with great view.

I felt so good in this onsen, filled with great nature.

Although I was a bit surprised (or excited?) to see the naked old guys in the Onsen…

I guess this was my first experience to get in the real natural hot spring.

See? Looks awesome?

This location is under small waterfall and river.


I asked a family there to take our picture, and became friends with a small kid. This trip was really fun!!!

Oh, I recommend that you take your swim suit and towels and something to prevent you from slipping down here.




Good access from Tokyo.
This onsen is made by natural River and we wil be healed by nature.
Good for hemorrhoids. Reccmomend to go here if you have any problem on your hip